2nd period:

31 March, 2017 – 31 July, 2017

Payment options:

  1. Installment in 3 pieces: 1.500 USD on order, 3.000 USD before production starts (31 July, 2017) and 1.000 USD before shipping

    Total price: 5.500 USD **

  2. Complete payment: 5.250 USD on order

    Total price: 5.250 USD **

Order cancellation:

You can cancel your order at any time, but no money return after 31 July, 2017.


You will be notified by e-mail about every update regarding your purchase / order and about your Rewarron (building status, pictures, etc.).


Version Serial
Car type Trophy Truck
Scale 1:3
Dimensions 1994mm x 900mm x 750mm
Weight ~170kg
Engine Single cylinder, 4 stroke, 270cc with torque converter
Suspension Front: J-Arm
Rear: Rigid Axle
Dampers Oil filled (8)
Springs Coil (4)
Brakes Oil disc brakes (4)
Servos Throttle: basic R/C servo
Steering, Brake: Mammuth MS-200 (1-1)
Electronics Throttle / Brake signal splitter
2.4 Ghz Radio controller


MSRP 5.500 USD**

Payment options


** The price doesn’t include VAT, shipping costs and import fees