Remote Controlled Testosterone





The worlds first 1:3 scale R/C car is available for pre-order!

The largest

This car is huge on the pictures, but even larger in real life! It's 2 meters long and weighs more than 100 kgs so you have to be really careful when driving it!

Four stroke engine

The car has a big bore, single cylinder 4 stroke engine, which delivers high amount of torque to the rear wheels plus it has an awesome sound! You have never heard such before from an R/C car!

Massive servos

We developed a custom, giant torque servo for our car. It has more than 20Nm of torque to control the steering and the brakes in every situations.

Oil disc brakes

Security is the most important factor for such a large scale car, so we ship our car with 4 disc brakes. Those can stop the car in any dangerous situations.

Gorgeous bodywork

We tried to create a worthy bodywork for our unique truck. In our opinion we succeeded! You can use it as a tub for your kids too :)

Like nothing else

This is the world's first 1/3 scale R/C car which makes it even more exclusive. Is your neighbor's grass greener? Get a larger R/C car then!


Who are we?

Who are we?

A group of crazy guys who aimed to research, plan and build remote controlled cars, that has never existed before in size, nor in design. This is Mammuth Works.

History / premise

Our team has successfully created the first version of the car. We still have to do more before it fulfills all of our goals, but the feedbacks we’ve received helped us to make changes and get closer to building the car that we always wanted to. The first Mammuth has a custom made and absolutely unique running gear, shock-absorber, springs, trailing arm, steering mechanism and frame. The only parts left from the base - which was a pocket quad - are the wheels, the engine and the rear axle. We tested the car for more than a year on concrete, dust, mud, rain, in-air and on-the-ground. The project was very successful. After a lot of testings and many changes the car became reliable. We’ve been on several car shows, where the audience has payed huge interest to our car.




Our aim is to build much more complex cars that resembles reality as closely as possible, but is also solid and reliable. The parts of the cars will be custom made on very precise machines from the plans that we’ve drawn up. The frame of the cars will be assembled by hand. We aim to grow our product range by making custom made cars and limited series.